Method 1:
Select Product which you like and create a list of product code number & required quantity. Mail us this List on our Email Id:


Method 2: Select products that you want to buy. Add them to cart and checkout. Select Pay on Confirmation option on website. We will receive the list of items you have selected

It will be a dummy order you don't have to pay but this order is considered as an inquiry order. It will convenient for you and us to track these products.

After mailing order query or placing an order on our website we will contact you via email or by calling you.

Payment Terms: You will have to pay 100% Amount in advance.
PAYPAL, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Union Western Transfer are Accepted.

All our images will contain Product Code on it that you need to note down and send to us in case you select method 2.

We can also Supply our Product to Foreign Countries.
For any sales related query contact us on our Email Id: